New Application Note to work at Bluetooth (2.4GHz-2.5GHz) with Fractus Antennas RUN mXtend-224 (FR01-S4-224)

16 9 月 2016

The chip antenna booster FR01-S4-224 (Virtual Antenna Technology) is also suitable for Bluetooth devices such as: BLE, WLAN (IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g), Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4), etc.

Again Fractus Antennas shows the flexibility that the Virtual Antenna Technology provides for any project that could require single or multi band and also to select the bands to work with. That is a good example to know how to tune the antenna booster for Bluetooth/Wifi applications.

See attached the picture of the product, Evaluation Board and the chart of the efficiency and the VSWR:

RUN mXtend-224 (p/n: FR01-S4-224)

Efficiency and VSWR results

The solutions is presented to operate in two groundplane sizes:

Evaluation Board for Smartphone size (p/n:EB_FR01-S4-224-2400)

Evaluation Board for CR80 size (p/n:EB_FR01-S4-224-CR80-2400)