Looking for an antenna for your GPS /Glonass device?

15 11 月 2016

Fractus Antennas www.fractusantennas.com has launched a new application note to show how to use the RUN mXtendTM antenna booster to provide multiband GNSS to your wireless device.

The Surface Mount antenna component we propose for both GPS and GLONASS is named RUN mXtendTM.  Its dimensions are 12.0 mm x 3.0 mm x 2.4 mm and provides operation in two frequency regions, at 1575 MHz (GPS L1 band) and from 1598 MHz to 1606 MHz (GLONASS L1 band). A single matching network provides both bands through a single input/output port.

Although its tiny dimensions, it is capable of a high-quality performance as shown in the radiation patterns, gain (>3dBi) and efficiency graphs (>75%) shown in the application note. The good news is that since it is a standard component, there is no need for customization. And even more, if your wireless device needs other connectivity services (such as for instance LTE or WIFI) the very same part number can be used for those as well, as explained in other related application notes for our RUN mXtendTM antenna product.

Should you have any questions, our technical support team will be happy to answer all your questions.  Just click ont the Get in Touch tab here in the lower-right corner and you will get help in 24h.

Want to learn more? Please click here to download the RUN mXtendTM GNSS Application Note.

For other application notes related to the RUN mXtendTMproduct, please click here.

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