Fractus Antennas’ VP Innovation, Dr. Carles Puente, will speak at the “10 tech enablers” conference

11 10 月 2016

Barcelona, October 11, 2016 – Dr. Carles Puente, co-founder at Fractus Antennas, will participate in the conference “10 tech enablers: Europe’s rising university-industry clusters” that will take place in Brussels next October 18th . The event is organized by the prestigious journal Scientific Business and supported by Huawei.

This conference looks at ten dynamic clusters in Europe where academia, industry and government working together to make digital innovation a reality. The policy question: How to help them grow and multiply?

Dr. Carles Puente, VP Innovation at Fractus Antennas and Professor at Barcelona UPC Tech, will speak at the round table “What does Europe need to spark more scientific breakthroughs? together with Dr. Marcus du Sautoy from University of Oxford, Dr. Pascal Le Masson from Mines ParisTech and Dr. Bruno Lanvin from INSEAD.

Interested in watching the round table?   Please click here